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Address:No.18, 4th Floor, No.2 Huabei Road (Gan), Ganjingzi District, Dalian, China

Ⅰ. Products: Guided by customer needs, we only make products that customers really need.
Ⅱ. Quality: The quality control is refined from the natural/cultivating environment of the raw material production area to the consumer's dining table, achieving A-Z traceability.
Ⅲ. Technology: Quality control personnel have obtained quality system certification and have extensive experience in product and production environment supervision.
Ⅳ. Price: Direct supply from the production area, eliminating redundant heterocyclic rings, effectively reducing costs.
Ⅴ. Delivery: Efficient and agile supply chain is the guarantee of stable delivery within and outside the plan.
Ⅵ. OEM: Customized solutions to meet the different and individual needs of different customers.
Ⅶ. After-sales: 24-hour telephone online, complaints are suggested to reply within 24 hours, and solutions are proposed within 48 hours.
Ⅷ. Information: Maintain communication with customers and suppliers at all times and share information to provide a favorable basis for the plan.