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Export of Oyster Mushroom Hit by COVID-19 and Freight Rate

Source:未知Author:admin Addtime:2021-04-29 10:29 Click:
The busy season of productive of oyster mushroom has almost done with approaching of May, Every year at this time, there will be a lot of oyster mushroom products being exported to US and EU countries, such as IQF frozen oyster mushroom, pleurotus in brine, canned oyster mushroom, etc. But this year, exporting business has been seriously limited by the continuous outbreak of COVID-19 and sharply increased freight rate, even more the freight rate has exceeded the value of goods in some areas, really make sellers and buyers miserable.


In this case, plenty of first harvested oyster mushroom materials have been air-dried, therefore the quality and price is more competitive than ever before. So we would like to do our own parts one hand in order to help manufactures reduce stresses, on the other hand to benefit the customers who really have demands for dried oyster mushrooms.


So now our company is sincerely looking for global buyers for dried oyster mushrooms, if you have any interests or anything we can do, please feel free to give us call or drop email to, We ensure that any of your inquiry will get our most positive reply, thank you very much.

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